Welcome to Disguised Philosopher!

You are all probably wondering who am I, how did you get here, and what the heck is going on?! Do not despair, your questions shall be answered!

My name shall remain unknown, but you can call me Master. My profession is an annoying lad, that knows it all. Jokes aside, I am a student of Economics from Serbia (major in marketing) who enjoys exploring new things and walking down the path of the unknown.

On this blog, I will be sharing my passions and thoughts with you fellow wanderers that will hopefully make your day a bit better, life a bit easier, and dark day a little brighter. Master will be covering a huge variety of topics, so there will be content for everybody (YEY!)

Whatever I post here is my personal opinion, without any malicious intent of offending somebody!

A rating system that I will use to rate things I read/watch/do:

If you want to contact me try:

Email: disguisedphilosopher@gmail.com

(*DRUMS PLEASE*) I, The Master, first of his name, ruler of douches, king of all smart-asses, self-proclaimed master of everything, and your go-to guy, declare this blog officially open!