Anime Roundup No.1: Old endings and new beginnings

Hello and welcome back, dear Philosophers. While on vacation, I decided that I could add up more things to my blog. One of them is Weekly Anime Roundup, where I will cover everything I watched that week. Starting with this week, I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do while writing it.

Thank you for your continuous support and for all the kind words and comments you have given me. So, without further ado, let us begin with our No.1 Weekly roundup.

Table of content

Mushoku Tensei 2nd Season Episode 1

Rudeus talking to daemon queen

Mushoku Tensei started its 2nd season where the first one left off. Nothing too intense happened. They are still trying to find a way out of the island, Rudeus is still perv(now with daemon eye, I won’t spoil you story any further), Ruijerd is still being treated unfairly because of his race, and Eris is just as lively as ever. I loved the first season of Mushoku no Tensei, and season 2 is off to a great start. My hopes are high!

Re:Main Episode 12

Re-Main Squad in one picture

Re-Main slowly crawled into my life and the last 12 weeks was one of the best things that happened to me. By all means, it is by far the best show of season Summer of 2021. Not only it has great animation, great storytelling, and superb voice acting, but it is light and enjoyable to follow. You do not need to solve puzzles, just lay back and enjoy the show. The final episode of the show was satisfying in more ways than one. I liked that they failed to win their last game, as I would love to see them practice and improve next season. (Winning would just feel unrealistic and too rushed, IMO). I will write a separate blog post where I will review Re-Main, so stay tuned!

Edens Zero Episode 25

Homura talking to her dead master Valkirie

Edens Zero episode 25 is the final episode of show’s season 1. We got to see the end of the war with Homura’s mother and the creation of Four Shining Stars New Generation. Homura took Valkiries place as 4th shining star. At end of the episode, we saw cuts from the upcoming season, which confirms that season 2 is going to be out soon. All in all, the satisfying ending of season 1 and a great introduction to future endeavors of our heroes.

Kaizoku Oujo Episodes 8-9

Yukimura and Fena talking and eating giri

I have missed one week of watching Kaizoku Oujo, so I had to catch up with it this week. Brilliant two episodes, who shed some light on our protagonist’s backstory. The end of episode 9 was epic, as far as I am concerned, because it revealed some of the mystery around Eden, their final destination. All in all, great two episodes, and I can’t wait for the next one!(Did I mention that soundtrack of this show is AMAZING???)

Mieruko-chan Episode 1

Mieruko with friend

Mieruko-chan is a disappointment of the week for me. I had high expectations for it, the hype was there in the community, but I felt like the show failed to deliver. The animation was okay, with a couple of ecchi moments here and there, but overall, nothing special. Yes, I know that it is only episode 1, but because one of the show’s genres is a comedy, I did not find anything even close to being funny. I will keep following the show, but my hopes are not as high as before episode 1.

Tesla Note Episode 1(dropped)

tesla note main squad in one picture

Tesla Note was disappointing at the very least. Although I found it by chance, I gave it a shot, and after reading the synopsis, I thought: “This show has some potential.” Unfortunately, the potential is about the only thing it has. Voice acting was mediocre, and animation was odd and very bad IMO. Thus, this show is a big NO-NO for me, so I had to drop it.

Blue Period Episode 1

Yatora in clasroom

Blue Period was awesome IMO. Episode 1 was nothing too fancy yet managed to pull me in and interest me in future events. (Unlike Mieruko-chan) We met our protagonist, a weird lad who tries his best to fit in the society to the best of his capabilities. Despite his friends watching soccer games, smoking, and talking about, well men things, Yatora finds his peace in painting. The animation was good, the storytelling was decent, and I hope that such a trend will continue.

86: Eighty Six: 2nd Season Episode 1

Militze and Shin on poster for season 2

86-Eighty Six 2nd Seasons(or 2nd Cour) starts where season 1 has left off. Shin and the crew have survived, Major Milizé got demoted for her involvement in 86 actions and is now Captain and Handler for a new group of recruits. Great start to the season, and as this show was my favorite in the past, I do not see that trend changing anytime soon. Things are getting more and more complicated, and exciting things are ahead of us!

Sankaku Mado no Sotogawa wa Yoru Episode 1

Two guys looking at daemon

Sankaku Mado no Sotogawa wa Yoru is just confusing for me. Episode 1 was not bad, and that is the sole reason why I did not drop it yet. Too much touching between two men for me, I guess. I will give it a shot, try to watch another episode or two, and then bring my verdict, but this does not seem promising to me.


To sum it up, this week was great anime was. While I slowly wave goodbye to the summer 2021 season, the Fall season has already started and brought us some great new shows and a couple of astonishing sequels.

To all the new shows out there, welcome to the World and to all the old ones, thank you for all enjoyment you provided us with. Stay positive and safe, my dear Philosophers, and until next time, keep rocking!

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      I made a list of things to watch in next couple of months, and I have a lot on my plate TBH. Who knows, maybe I cut it a bit 😀

      Thank you for following my blog, and for always having kind words for me! Wish you all the best buddy!

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