Philosopher’s Journal #1: When things get in your way!

Welcome back to my blog, dear philosophers!

This is the #1 page of my Philosopher’s journal where I will write about my journey and mostly brag how damn busy I am. (excuses dear excuses)

Excuses gif

Life has been crazy the last couple of days(hence my irregular posting). Not in the sense of wild stuff happening in my life, but rather in how good at procrastination am I becoming. *KEK*

The final exam of my third year is slowly crawling towards me, with angry damn face, yelling, and shouting. Luckily I am not an easily scared person, so I decided to neglect it for good two weeks.

What is more, my parents left for a vacation, so I have had my place empty ever since. This did not enhance my studying process. On the contrary, it woke up little partying devil, who patiently waited for them to vanish.

My friends, great guys, have devils of their own. That became obvious when they all joined me and decided to throw down a couple of parties at my place. (because why not??)

I am surrounded by idiots

Back on the exam (because Master does not remember much from parties)… Well, studying took a good part of my time in the last seven days, as Panic Monster woke up from his dream(I guess exams came too close).

Although not sure if I know anything of what I have studied for the past seven days, I will, as any real Master would, step in that battle with my head high while praying to God that I pass it.

Despite my odds of passing the exam looking bleak, my anime watching did not suffer. I watched all of the series I am following. Summer is slowly coming to an end, and many reviews are ahead of us.

Boy watching anime in dark room gif
Representation of me watching anime instead of studying for the exam

To my Philosopher’s Army out there…Thank you all for following my work and for reading my content. It surely does mean a lot to me!

I hope you are all safe and well in those troublesome times.

Until next time,

Master Philosopher!

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