Tokyo Revengers- Chapter 220. Review

Tokyo Revengers Volume 24 cover
  • Title: Tokyo Revengers
  • Original Title: Tōkyō Ribenjāzu
  • Author: Wakui Ken
  • Artist: Wakui Ken
DISCLAIMER! This review contains spoilers. I highly advise you to read the chapter first and then come back to this review. Thank you for reading!


“Takemichi Hanagaki’s life is at an all-time low. Just when he thought it couldn’t get worse, he finds out that Hinata Tachibana, his ex-girlfriend, was murdered by the Tokyo Manji Gang: a group of vicious criminals that has been disturbing society’s peace for quite some time.

Wondering where it all went wrong, Takemichi suddenly finds himself traveling through time, ending up 12 years in the past—when he was still in a relationship with Hinata. Realizing he has a chance to save her, Takemichi resolves to infiltrate the Tokyo Manji Gang and climb the ranks in order to rewrite the future and save Hinata from her tragic fate.” -MyAnimeList

What Happened?

Senju and Takemichi are enjoying their coffee when she decides to go to the toilet. Not long after, Takemichi realizes that this could be a life or death situation he saw in his visions. While on his way to the toilet, three members of Rokuhara Tandai ambush him.

 Takemichi ambushed

Takemichi, at that moment, realizes that he was the target all along. Although frightened, he risked it all and jumped to protect Senju. Gun fires! A lad from Rokuhara missed his first shot, but he was ready to deal the finishing blow to Senju and Takemichi.

Moments before killing shot was to be fired

Luckily, Draken the Saviour saves the day yet again with his Kung-fuish kind of entrance. He sent punk’s gun flying while taking care that both Senju and Takemichi are fine.

Draken standing in front of Takemichi saving the day

My thoughts

Chapter 220 was absorbing, at the very least. Takemichi was our Crybaby hero, just as we expected, but he did act rather quickly in a life-threatening situation. (Which surprised me) He did stop his vision from coming true, which should have a tremendous impact on future events. We are yet to see how this changes the future, but one thing is beyond doubt…Draken is damn cool!


All in all, this was a fun chapter. At first sight, not much has happened. Yet, Senju surviving could be a game-changer for future occurrences. I loved the chapter overall, and can’t wait for the next one!

Score: (4/5)

Four conical hats

Was chapter 220 good or bad? Share your thoughts with me down below in the comment section!

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